For many African descended women scholars, our work must begin with the history. For African American, womanist scholars, this often requires us to have a fearless connection to and awareness of chattel slavery. African American women and men have been marginalized by the way this part of history is taught which influences our concepts of our ethics and our religiosity. To correct that, we must engage with these foundational stories which helped to forge an understanding of ourselves as part of the imago Dei. Please see the publishing opportunity, listed below, from the Journal of Southern History. We included their words and their call for you here.

Journal of Southern History (@JourSouHist) tweeted at 10:23 PM on Tue, Jan 10, 2023: #twitterstorians. For the May issue, we are compiling our annual bibliography of journal articles relevant to the history of the U.S. South. Did you have an article in any academic journal come out in 2022?

The Journal of Southern History has its editorial home at Rice University. For more than eighty years, the Journal has published the best scholarship in the history of the American South. Peer Review: This publication uses peer review for some or all submissions.


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