Postdoctoral Fellowship – Louisville Institute

We are pleased to share another postdoctoral fellowship for those M2M Research Network members residing in either the US or Canada. If interested, please read below and contact Louisville Institute directly. They often have a webinar to provide detailed advice regarding their program and answer questions. Please share this widely where appropriate! The Misogynoir to … Continue reading Postdoctoral Fellowship – Louisville Institute

Which Black Lives Matter?

Whenever you live in another country, you cannot help searching for things which feel familiar, signs of "home." Perhaps is a subconscious way of seeking connection. It might be a way of feeling less isolated from your new environment. For many Americans, coming abroad may seem exciting, but we always know how to give directions … Continue reading Which Black Lives Matter?

How You Can Become a Visiting Scholar Abroad!

Are you unable to move forward as an academic because you are in the wrong location? Perhaps a change of scenery would suit you well. We are reposting a list of 10 fellowships for visiting scholars in the various countries including the US. Knowing you have options can be very liberating. Let us know what … Continue reading How You Can Become a Visiting Scholar Abroad!

Misogynoir to Mishpat (M2M) June Newsletter

For example, we are sharing additional opportunities that include fellowships, jobs and grant funding. We will also continue to post writing opportunities and seminars to enhance your skills. We hope you will continue to enjoy perspectives on political theology, profiles of African descended women in the study of religion and religious leadership, and observations regarding activism.

Self Care: Resources to Help Repair Racial Trauma

African descended women who engage with the social and political issues of their communities are not strangers to racial trauma. Whether or not we are conscious of this phenomenon, it can have a powerful impact upon our work and the ways that we navigate predominantly White spaces. Many of us have critiqued issues of State … Continue reading Self Care: Resources to Help Repair Racial Trauma

What is “Adultification” and How is it Misogynoiristic?

Adultification occurs when children of color in general, but Black children in particular, are treated as adults in ways which can range from neglect to actual violence. Within the justice system, children and teens from vulnerable communities, when accused of "crimes," are often sent to adult holding cells instead of juvenille hall with their peers.