Black Perspectives – Call for Papers

Whether it was northern freeborn women (such as Emelie Davis and Charlotte Forten) to freedwomen (including Susie King Taylor), Black women were agents of societal change at all levels. Their meaningful actions ranged from demanding equal access to public education to refusing to sit in racially designated seating on public transit.

Windsor’s Black Mecca

Liberationist work in Religious Academia relies upon previously overlooked sources including archival work. Please notice the reposted initation to the event by the Amherstburg Freedom Mueum. This type of study may be of particular interest in Christian Ethics. The event features "Windsor's Black Mecca: Recovering the Stories of the McDougall Street Corridor" on Sept 8th. … Continue reading Windsor’s Black Mecca

Archival Source

Portrait of Celestine Cook by Larry Songy, undated. The Misogynoir to Mishpat Research Network is proud to share a special archival resource made available by the Amistad Research Center regarding the papers of Celestine Cook. Womanist approaches rely upon resources and data which center the largely overlooked experiences and knowledge production of African descended women. … Continue reading Archival Source