New Book Release – Bitter the Chastening Rod

Bitter the Chastening Rod follows in the footsteps of the first collection of African American biblical interpretation, Stony the Road We Trod (1991). Nineteen Africana biblical scholars contribute cutting-edge essays reading Jesus, criminalization, the enslaved, and whitened interpretations of the enslaved.

“Are You Still a Slave? Liberating the Black Female Body” – bell hooks

We recently had a conversation with various dialogue partners about citational politics. We noted that many of us were not only trained to privilege the knowledge production of "acceptable" White men, we were also consistently told that other academics were "not rigorous" enough without any evidence of this claim.

Megan Thee Stallion and the Politics of Respecting Black Women When struggling to identify the special type of hatred of Black women, what comes to mind? Is it the hatred on a "cellular level" of a Jeremy Clarkson directed at a woman whose only true crime seems to be that she dared to marry into a wealthy, elite White family? How are Black women … Continue reading Megan Thee Stallion and the Politics of Respecting Black Women

Weathering Black Women in 2023

"Why are so many Black women academics losing their back teeth?" asked a Twitter writer. That is a startling thought! Yet, if you are one of those accomplished women, this knowledge might actually be comforting. Somehow, you might feel you are a failure because something you used to take for granted, your smile, is no … Continue reading Weathering Black Women in 2023

Words of Wisdom – Is This America?

Freedom Summer, Fannie Lou Hamer African American women have always endured existence from the margins. Harriet Tubman used stealth, cunning and faith to overcome many obstacles including wading through snake infected waters, repeatedly as she determined her own freedom could not be fully realized until she lead others to freedom. In our contemporary context, Stacey … Continue reading Words of Wisdom – Is This America?

Mitzi J. Smith, PhD on Writing and Publishing

Please see the following interview of the phenomenal Prof. Mitzi J. Smith as she shares her insights on publishing. Primarily, academics are assessed based on their: teaching, writing and research, and their grant capture. Many people are "stuck" regarding their publishing. In the UK, there is a system (REF) which frustrates the goals of secure … Continue reading Mitzi J. Smith, PhD on Writing and Publishing

Sistah Shout-Out to Dr. Richelle White

The Misogynoir to Mishpat Research Network is pleased to 'shout out' Dr. Richelle White and her recent grant on Black women's storytelling. She is a powerful womanist scholar and great human being. Please read, share and click "love" for her story.