Beyond the Womanist Classroom, Ep. 17 In Episode 17 podcast host Dr. Mitzi J. Smith has a conversation with womanist colleague the Rev. Dr. Angela N. Parker. Dr. Parker is assistant professor of New Testament and Greek at McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University, Decatur, GA. We discuss how Dr. Parker became a womanist biblical scholar and her wonderful book If … Continue reading Beyond the Womanist Classroom, Ep. 17

Call for Papers – Special Issue with the African Journal of Gender and Religion

Please submit abstracts by April 1st for our special issue for The African Journal of Gender and Religion. Our issue, "Black Women's Radical Religious Faith Traditions" will accept abstracts until April 1st, 2023. Check our website for more info.

New Book Release – We Are All Witnesses

We Are All Witnesses is a remarkable, sassy, creative, disruptive, and deeply personal textbook. It is like no other text on biblical interpretation. Smith and Newheart have produced a groundbreaking milestone book about how to do biblical interpretation that prioritizes justice and the reader’s context.

New Book Release – Bitter the Chastening Rod

Bitter the Chastening Rod follows in the footsteps of the first collection of African American biblical interpretation, Stony the Road We Trod (1991). Nineteen Africana biblical scholars contribute cutting-edge essays reading Jesus, criminalization, the enslaved, and whitened interpretations of the enslaved.

Mitzi J. Smith, PhD on Writing and Publishing

Please see the following interview of the phenomenal Prof. Mitzi J. Smith as she shares her insights on publishing. Primarily, academics are assessed based on their: teaching, writing and research, and their grant capture. Many people are "stuck" regarding their publishing. In the UK, there is a system (REF) which frustrates the goals of secure … Continue reading Mitzi J. Smith, PhD on Writing and Publishing

Just a Sister Away

Greetings Womanist Colleagues and Friends!! Happy February!! I am contacting you today about an exciting publication project on which I am embarking together with Dr. Mitzi Smith (Columbia Theological Seminary). We would very much like to extend to you the invitation to contribute a chapter to a book celebrating the 35th anniversary of JASA which is … Continue reading Just a Sister Away

American Academy of Religion (AAR) and Society for the Study of Biblical Literature (SBL) Conference 2023

The American Academy of Religion has published its call for conference papers. AAR members can submit up to two proposals or papers. We especially encourage you to support the sessions which are set aside for African descended scholars and scholars of color. These include the: African Diaspora Religions Unit, African Religions Unit, Black Theology Unit, … Continue reading American Academy of Religion (AAR) and Society for the Study of Biblical Literature (SBL) Conference 2023

Six Black Women at the Center of Gravity in Theological Education

Please see the link below and the marvelous article regarding the contributions of six powerful Black women in theological education. This is a short list - but we will do our best to share many, many more! Black women are making history in theological education - from first deans, to first to receive full … Continue reading Six Black Women at the Center of Gravity in Theological Education

Professor Cheryl Anderson

Cheryl B. Anderson is Professor of Old Testament at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. She earned her doctoral degree from Vanderbilt University and, earlier in her career, she practiced law in Washington, D.C. for nearly ten years. Her current research interests involve contextual and liberationist readings of Scripture in the age of HIV and … Continue reading Professor Cheryl Anderson