Beyond the Womanist Classroom, Ep. 17 In Episode 17 podcast host Dr. Mitzi J. Smith has a conversation with womanist colleague the Rev. Dr. Angela N. Parker. Dr. Parker is assistant professor of New Testament and Greek at McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University, Decatur, GA. We discuss how Dr. Parker became a womanist biblical scholar and her wonderful book If … Continue reading Beyond the Womanist Classroom, Ep. 17

Racial Gaslighting in a Non-Racial France

Scholars on the margins often struggle with their methodological approaches. We often have a dual goal - to be validated by the wider Academic Guild while also seeking to be true to the communities represent. Seeking and creating theoretical frameworks may even include borrowing colloquial expressions and frameworks such as "gaslighting." In essence, gaslighting is … Continue reading Racial Gaslighting in a Non-Racial France

Is Liberation Theology Here to Stay?

Black Liberation Theology owes a debt to African American and Black Studies. Through these studies, we have the information, framework and thinkers upon which much of our work rests. Should the US continue to ban "Black Studies," it also intimates that the work of Black Liberation Theology is also under imminent threat. The following article, … Continue reading Is Liberation Theology Here to Stay?

A Reminder That You Are Seen Trevor Noah These days, Black or African descended women often feel utterly invisible. We are often invisible when it comes to our research being supported, our careers acknowledged for hire and promotion, or even our work within religious leadership. Some of us, in the UK, regularly experience people walking into us as if we … Continue reading A Reminder That You Are Seen

Signing Your First Academic Book Contract

Academia is about accomplishment on three levels: teaching, grant capture and publications. All three provide their own set of challenges. Yet, there is something about publishing your first journal article or book – it often provides both exhilaration and relief. You feel you are on your way to becoming a true academic. For people of … Continue reading Signing Your First Academic Book Contract

Call for Papers: Rethinking Racism Through Embodiment and Place

Critical phenomenologists of race – among whom we might name Frantz Fanon, Sara Ahmed, Alia Al-Saji, Linda Martín Alcoff, George Yancy, Mariana Ortega, and others – have variously examined the existential, everyday, and deeply embodied impacts of racist oppression, and how these can affect our experience of place and placemaking. 

Black Girl Gone Podcast – Murdered Women of Chicago, Pt. 1

Please listen to and support "Black Girl Gone," which is a podcast dealing with Black women and girls who are missing or murdered. The US currently estimates over 90,000 Black women and girls are missing. This podcast helps create awareness and activist goals toward seeking justice regarding this reality.

Call for Papers – Special Issue with the African Journal of Gender and Religion

Please submit abstracts by April 1st for our special issue for The African Journal of Gender and Religion. Our issue, "Black Women's Radical Religious Faith Traditions" will accept abstracts until April 1st, 2023. Check our website for more info.

New Book Release – We Are All Witnesses

We Are All Witnesses is a remarkable, sassy, creative, disruptive, and deeply personal textbook. It is like no other text on biblical interpretation. Smith and Newheart have produced a groundbreaking milestone book about how to do biblical interpretation that prioritizes justice and the reader’s context.