Words of Wisdom: bell hooks

"When [Ain't I a Woman] was first published, White women readers would often say to me, 'I don't feel this book is really talking to me.' Often these readers would interpret the direct, blunt speech as signifying anger and I would have to speak against this interpretation and insist upon the difference between direct speech … Continue reading Words of Wisdom: bell hooks

Words of Wisdom – Is This America?

Freedom Summer, Fannie Lou Hamer African American women have always endured existence from the margins. Harriet Tubman used stealth, cunning and faith to overcome many obstacles including wading through snake infected waters, repeatedly as she determined her own freedom could not be fully realized until she lead others to freedom. In our contemporary context, Stacey … Continue reading Words of Wisdom – Is This America?

Words of Wisdom – “Thinking Margins”

Words of Wisdom – February 2023 In the book, Deeper Shades of Purple, Theologian Shawn Copeland discusses thinking on the margins as essential to a womanist critique. For Copeland, such a critique is “not merely because [womanists] disapprove of the distinction between opinion and knowledge.” [1]  Her observations are critical as African descended women in … Continue reading Words of Wisdom – “Thinking Margins”

M2M Introduces: Words of Wisdom

We may see ourselves as being divided, but developing a good argument is an important part of academia - especially religious academia. In honor of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, please read the following words of wisdom. “My father always used to say, "Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument." Good sense does not always lie with … Continue reading M2M Introduces: Words of Wisdom