Signing Your First Academic Book Contract

Academia is about accomplishment on three levels: teaching, grant capture and publications. All three provide their own set of challenges. Yet, there is something about publishing your first journal article or book – it often provides both exhilaration and relief. You feel you are on your way to becoming a true academic. For people of … Continue reading Signing Your First Academic Book Contract

Mitzi J. Smith, PhD on Writing and Publishing

Please see the following interview of the phenomenal Prof. Mitzi J. Smith as she shares her insights on publishing. Primarily, academics are assessed based on their: teaching, writing and research, and their grant capture. Many people are "stuck" regarding their publishing. In the UK, there is a system (REF) which frustrates the goals of secure … Continue reading Mitzi J. Smith, PhD on Writing and Publishing

Black Women’s History Series

University of North Carolina Press. Many womanist scholars seek to re-center the lives of African descended women in their work. This makes knowing the history very important. Please read this exciting post which invites you to consider working with the UNC Press (one of many outstanding university press publishers). This is an exciting opportunity … Continue reading Black Women’s History Series