18 History Research Fellowships For All Career Levels

So many of us combine theology or ethics with history as a way of contextualizing our work. With that in mind, we are sharing 18 history research fellowships for various career levels. Please use this list to consider your own steps and share widely with others seeking research fellowships. The Misogynoir to Mishpat (M2M) Research … Continue reading 18 History Research Fellowships For All Career Levels

The Pursuit of Tenure

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/tenure-important-yet-rare-black-professors-rcna1446?s=03 African descended women are among the most vulnerable social group to be employed as professors in comparison with their Black male and White counterparts. Tenure, a form of academic standing which protects academics from arbitrary firing due to their intellectual ideas, is even more rare. If you are working as a Postdoctoral person, on … Continue reading The Pursuit of Tenure

Publication Advice by Prof. Mitzi Smith

Please see the following interview of the phenomenal Prof. Mitzi J. Smith as she shares her insights on publishing. Primarily, academics are assessed based on their: teaching, writing and research, and their grant capture. Many people are "stuck" regarding their publishing. In the UK, there is a system (REF) which frustrates the goals of secure … Continue reading Publication Advice by Prof. Mitzi Smith