When is enough, enough? When should you decide that you have given enough to a church that appears to undermine and devalue your worth as a leader? Perhaps you have put in countless hours of research, writing and seminar speaking, only to be told you are still not good enough for … full-time hire, to obtain the grants to support your work or not good enough for promotion? When is it enough? While many of us feel we cannot simply “stop” because we have commitments and responsibilities, many others of us have counted the cost of this dedication – only to have that loyalty ignored or dismissed. There are other options. As we continue to evaluate the “power on the margins,” we encourage you to listen to this podcast as a resource.

Lisa Sharon Harper interviews the phenomenal Christena Cleveland for an episode called, “I’m Too Sacred for This.” A bright and shining star who walked away from her professorial post at Duke Divinity School, and a woman who comes from a very prestigious religious lineage as the great niece of Bishop Ernestine Cleveland-Reems, Cleveland shares her journey to discover her true calling and the courage to step away from “safe” options for living out that calling. Many of you will know Cleveland as the author of such books as God is a Black Woman (2022) and Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces That Keep Us Apart (2013).

Think about where you are now. If you are also in a space where you believe you are too sacred to continue putting up with what you are dealing with, let us know! We encourage you to respond to our call for papers, and to attend our seminars where we discuss taking our power back. By way of reminder, you have a story, or a research project, too! Please consider submitting your work to our call for papers: https://wp.me/pcx1XN-U3.

We hope you are inspired by The Freedom Road Podcast featuring Christena Cleveland for the episode, “I’m Too Sacred For This.” Click the link below and please support the work of Lisa Sharon Harper.

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