The Misogynoir to Mishpat Research Network has identified missing Black women and girls as one of the activist issues it will amplify during 2023. We will share essays, statistics and the podcast, “Black Girl Gone” to draw attention to the issue. The program is hosted by Amara Cofer who shares the stories of mutiple missing Black women. In some instances, the women’s bodies have been retrieved but no one has been held accountable for the homicide. Cofer’s activism allows her, to amplify the issue of missing Black women and girls in Black Girl Gone: A True Crime Podcast.

According to a 2021 PBS documentary, to date, there are over 90,000 missing Black women and girls in the US. Please listen, like and share widely. This work is also being highlighted by the NAACP (the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The US Government is also currently exploring the disproportionate intimate partner abuse experienced by African American or Black American women. Erika Marie Rivers, a California journalist, started the “Our Black Girls” website.

In addition to Rivers, others seeking to highlight these cases include the two Black women who founded the Black and Missing Foundation in 2008. Podcasts like Crime Noir, and Black Girl Missing are working tirelessly to honor these stories as well. Everyone in our society deserves to feel safe. In addition, there is very little media attention when Black women and girls are missing. Their lives matter. Their families and communities long for their safe return and for accountability when they have been kidnapped and/or murdered.

Please support their efforts by signing up for their podcasts, sharing the stories, and making contributions where you are able. Our lives matter.

Please read the show notes here for Black Girl Gone.

Between 2001 and 2018, 51 women were found either strangled or asphyxiated in various locations in Chicago, just miles apart from each other. Police deny the murders are connected but the similarities are hard to ignore, and many believe a serial killer, or serial killers is responsible for these murders.

Find out more about and how you can create your “If I Go Missing File”

Support Black Girl Gone:

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