Resources for Research Paper Writing

The Misogynoir to Mishpat Research Network has recently introduced its new Mentoring Cafe in partnership with the British Sociological Association’s Sociology of Religion (SocRel) Study Group. As with our post last week, we mentioned that Academia relies heavily upon publications as an indicator of both the academic’s contributions and as evidence of institutional leadership. With that in mind, we are posting an additional five resources from Dr. Anna Clemens. You can contact her directly on Twitter @scientistswrite. Leave a comment regarding any resources you’ve used that you found helpful.

#6: Discover papers (2) with Research Rabbit

• Alternative to Citation Gecko
• Build your own citation network
• Label network entries
• Download paper PDFs
• Get alerts for new papers

#7: Visualise your thoughts with XMind

• Intuitive mindmapping tool
• Embed hyperlinks, images & attachements

Excellent for organising references for review papers or brainstorming the story of your paper! 💡

#8: Listen to scientific papers with Audemic

• Skip sections
• Highlight text while listening
• Take notes
• Get summaries that go beyond the abstract

#9: Record training or feedback videos with Loom

• Record your screen, webcam and/or audio
• Share the video link after recording
• 25 5-min videos included in free plan

I use this one all the time!

#10: Project manage your papers with Trello

• Use lists, cards & checklist to organise the tasks in each project
• Collaborate with co-authors
• Communicate via comment function

PS: We provide you with several Trello templates inside our course!

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