Misogynoir to Mishpat (M2M) warmly invites you to the upcoming seminar, by Professor Mitzi Smith, J. Davison Philips Professor of New Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary. Prof. Smith will deliver her virtual seminar at 4 p.m., GMT (London time) on March 21st. Her seminar title is, “Decolonizing Jesus and the New Testament: Luke and Enslavement.” Professor Smith’s abstract is listed below. She will also share information regarding her newest book. Please visit the website for the link after March 18th, 2022.

In this brief seminar Prof. Smith will discuss the decolonizing project of womanist biblical interpretation and the New Testament. This project involves centering and privileging Black women, our bodies, voices, questions, concerns,  communities, histories, artifacts, traditions, and knowledge production in order to imagine, reveal and/or create new liberating, transformative, and decolonized relationships, lives, knowledge and wisdom. It means exposing and naming the colonizing project and reading against the grain of biblical texts and biblical translations/interpretations. The Bible, like Black people, is both a human and sacred text, that requires interrogation and decolonization to be an instrument of freedom as opposed to enslavement or dehumanization. We must expose and resist enslavement to achieve freedom in our lives and communities, which often means demonstrating how our enslavement is connected to our uncritical reading and deification of sacred texts.

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