Thursday, March 03

Decoloniality and Political Theology, 11 am – 5:30 pm, BST (London time zone)

11-11:30 am,  Introduction of Work

11:30-1:00 pm,  Dr. Siphiwe Dube, “Towards a Decolonial Political Theology of Vulnerability: Reflections from the Margins.”

–      Talk to provoke critical reflection on political theology from an Africanist perspective and possibly link to IPD

–      Open up for Round Table Discussion  

1-2 pm,  Lunch Break

2-3:30 pm,  Ms. Thandi Soko-de Jong, “Doctoral Candidates of Color: Rememorying from the Academic Margins” 

  • Young scholars of color in Theological Education from Edinburgh, RSA, and the Netherlands to discuss experiences and propose a program of action in relation to the education and decolonizing theological education.

3:30-4 pm,  Break

4-5:30 pm,  Dr. Nash, “Divine Decolonial Praxis: an Epistemological Contestation of White Jesus”

–      Paper presentation (20-30 minutes) followed by discussion

–      Informal conversations about policy initiatives, mentoring and other ways to assist in the decoloniality project

–      Mentoring students of color and early career scholars

The seminar is thanks to a generous IASH grant through the Susan Manning Grant scheme.

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