The Misogynoir to Mishpat (M2M) Research Network is proud to co-sponsor its first Mentoring Cafe with the Sociology of Religion Group (SocRel) on November 15, 2021 from 1-2 p.m., BST (London time). All are welcome!

SocRel is part of the British Sociology Association ( which was founded in 1951. As part of their goal to create justice and equality, they have a particular interest in filling the gap of under-represented groups within the academy, particularly those groups whose work overlaps with or is directly centered within the social sciences. They are an ideal partner with us!

M2M stands firmly in the gap with the under represented, but with a particular focus on African descended women who are severely under-represented in religious academia and in religious leadership. As we strategize to identify specific and tangible ways to fill this gap, we warmly invite you to join us for our first Mentoring Café.

In this session, we invite suggestions as to how we can provide support with mentors who are available throughout our academic networks. Based on our pilot session, we will provide mentoring sessions, approximately every eight weeks, throughout 2022. Topics might include but are not limited to: support for doctoral work (including specialists who can serve as external reviewers), guidance on competing for academic grants, support for writing and preparing dossiers (cover letters, Curriculum Vita’s, research statements, teaching statements, sample courses, writing samples), connections with scholars through both formal and informal networks, and how to utilize mentoring relationships appropriately.

Please come, bring your coffee or tea. The link will be posted on the website by Nov. 12th. Alternatively, you can provide your email address to receive the link.

Bring your suggestions and questions which we will take into consideration for planning our 2022 Mentoring Café series. If you are in the U.S., we are five hours ahead of the East Coast.

Once again, you are warmly invited to attend!

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